Happy New Year

Hello dear friends!

First of all, I wish You all a happy new year (2016). May You stay healthy and prosper in Your personal lifes, evolving what is most important and dear to You.

Second, I want to give Pamela @K. Phoenix a very huge hug! Thank You so much, Pamela, for awarding me with the Liebster Award! Though it’s been months ago, I am very  happy and proud of it and will post an article about it, soon.

Third, the last months of last year I engaged in several different duties, way to many to really cope with. Putting down a weekly schedule I realised that weeks are far to short. Well, since I can’t help that, I’ve got to try reducing and reordering my schedule. I think, almost all of You ran into this problem in some time of Your life. So my ideas for rescheduling are

  1. Setting priorities, trying to sort out what is realy important (and to whom), what is unavoidable, what could be droped, …
  2. Planning realistically, that is, not only planning what is to be done, but what time is needed in between, that is to come from A to B for example, or that is needed for recreation or unforseen events.
  3. Realising that less is more. You can do one thing at a time really good, a few things farely good, but a lot of things at a time You will do inevitably bad.

Unfortunately I am not good at keeping schedules. It kind of makes me feel imprisoned. Doing what I like to do is one thing – having to do it because I had planned to do it just now is another. Of course there are lots of things we have to do at a given time (like going to work), but I need some freedom, too. You know the feeling? So scheduling is more like setting guidlines.

How do You find the balance in Your life between Your duties and things You’d like to do? How do You manage not to burden Yourself with too many tasks at once? Have You further ideas for scheduling? I would be glad if You liked to share them!



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