A Space to Write

Dear reader,

this post is about writing and reading.

There are lots of places to write. Some are more comfortable, some less. Some working better for me than others.

My favourite space to write is my desk. Switching on my computer. Sitting at my desk, a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee – depending on the time of day – beside me. Windows open as long as it’s warm outside. As long as it’s quiet outside.

So I am a kind of writing-hermit. Being alone, noises off, no distractions.

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On the other hand, when an idea hits me, I can write wherever I am actually. Be it on the train, in a café, watching tv – I simply scribble away.
But what is the use of writing if nobody reads what you write?
So I ask you, dear reader: What would you like to read? Fill in the poll and / or use the contact-form to tell me your wishes and ideas, please.

Thank you very much for reading this post and giving me your opinion!
Yours Eva

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